BPZ  Bozner Platz

Recognition - competition design Bozner Platz

Bozner Platz is located in the center of Innsbruck, at the intersection of important urban axes that connect public buildings. Bozner Platz is a clearly defined square with a center. It is framed on all sides by buildings and yet not dominated by any of these buildings, which underlines its importance as a public, urban space. And that's precisely why Bozner Platz is unique and it has to be an all-rounder.
The square has undergone significant changes over time. If we see a square in the historical pictures that looks primarily as a designed urban space, we now perceive the square more as a green space that is burdened by a lot of traffic.

The design proposal for the redesign of Bozner Platz tries to clarify its lost qualities by presenting itself again in a design-conscious manner, underlining its proportions and giving the needs of the pedestrian city user more priority than those of motorized traffic.
Relocate the center of the square
Subtracting the lanes from the rectangle of the square, the diagonals are realigned and locate a new center of the square, which is more oriented towards the user than the square outline. A circular area will be created around this new center, which will enclose both the Rudolfsbrunnen and a new drinking fountain with a water level flush with the floor, as well as trees and seating.
Square relief
The new plaza relief develops from its center and is characterized by concentrically arranged circles that become larger towards the edge of the plaza and decrease in their color intensity. This creates a characteristic square surface, which on the one hand is woven into the surroundings in terms of color and on the other hand seems to sink towards the center.
Focus object Rudolfsbrunnen
The Rudolfsbrunnen, moved slightly out of the center, remains in the focus of the square as a sculptural object of art historical importance. An additional drinking fountain with a water disk expands the water supply at the square and complements the Rudolfs fountain as a restrained functional element.
In order to upgrade the place climatically and atmospherically, at least 14 large trees are freely positioned in the area, whereby a colorful mixture of different trees is thought of. Sycamore, maple, sweetgum, linden, pine, magnolia.


Platzgestaltung | öffentlich
Project Start-End: 
2020/07 - 2021/01
Competition (open)

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin,Daniel Luckeneder, Laura  Neubauer, Simon Paukner