PSS  Pradl-Süd Sillhöfe

The leitmotif of the present master plan results from the lively interplay between open field and geometric volume. The adjacent sports facilities and green spaces show how building typologies and open spaces are determined and how they relate to each other in a playful way. As large-scale as these buildings may be, they create a special atmosphere by promising and delivering exciting experiences and joy in joint playful activities. The project tries to translate these qualities into the structure of a residential quarter. Accordingly, the playing field in particular and the green space in general form the design basis of the design. This intention is achieved through a composition of different volumes, which are placed in such a way that a multi-layered public outdoor space is created that flows through the entire area and extends the accompanying park.



The typologies of the assembled buildings range from point houses to blocks with inner courtyards to elevated rows. Through diversity, they generate the potential for identification for all residents and users and also open up exciting framework conditions for the subsequent architecture competitions and allow different approaches to be expected.

Despite the characteristic independence of the urban structure, the design takes into account the context with regard to the neighborhood grain and height development. The free-standing buildings ensure the greatest possible exposure and ventilation of all indoor and outdoor spaces. Special forms of living such as cluster living, assisted living, student accommodation or senior citizens' accommodation are just as possible in the variety of typologies as micro-living and living for large families, in different sizes and types.



Outside- and Green Space

In order to underline the leitmotif of the open field and to achieve high-quality outdoor facilities, the mobility concept relies on bicycles and public transport. Accordingly, the entire quarter is designed as a car-free zone with sufficient access to the required underground car parks in the north, west and south of the area. Like a large park with public, semi-public green zones, the open space flows over the property boundaries and connects to the green belt to the east. Existing axes will be strengthened and expanded through a branched network of routes. The generosity of the green area enables a planting concept that allows biodiversity and takes the seasons into account. Long rows of trees frame the quarter and thus protect against immissions.berücksichtigt. Großstämmige baumreihen umrahmen das Quartier und schützen so vor Immissionen.

Project Start-End: 
2020/10 - 2021/02
Competition (invitation)

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Daniel Luckeneder, Simon Benedikt, Luis Navarro, Oliver Hamedinger, Simon Paukner