ZTV  Headquarter Tiroler Versicherung

Form-Piece is Fitting-Piece

In contrast to the existing building, the new building will be designed as a complete structure, the facade of which will, however, be formulated in a differentiated manner so that it can of course be integrated into the surrounding block perimeter development in the neighborhood. The design tries to negotiate both the architecture of the Wilhelminian era and that of contemporary buildings such as the Chamber of Commerce, BTV and Hypo Tirol Bank.

In order to give the new headquarters of Tiroler Versicherung a visible address, the project pursues a design-conscious, coherent architectural language that does justice to the company's philosophy and its claim to competence, regionality and customer proximity and expresses the company's visions.

The design is based, among other things, on three fundamental design-effective parameters:

  • Spatial structure with an open and inviting ground floor zone, with communication-friendly horizontal and vertical access areas, as well as attractive event and lounge areas on the top floors.
  • Multi-storey green space concept, which is intended to make an urban climate-conscious contribution.
  • Multi-layered structured facade design, which formulates both design and room climate qualities.


"Communicative Stairs"

A sculptural, spiral staircase connects the customer center on the ground floor with the upper floors and the lounge areas on the top floor. It serves both as a development and as a vertical communication space for the employees of the Tiroler Versicherung. At the same time, as part of the customer journey, it is an interesting turning point for customers and external parties to get to know the company and its way of working.


Flexible Office Landscape

The common grid of 1.2m enables a flexible and open floor plan configuration of the office space in coordination with the needs of the respective departments.

Activity-based work is becoming more and more important, so differently equipped locations can be offered for different activities. Differentiated furnishing can promote concentrated work and team meetings at the same time.



Photovoltaics: In order to use the energetic input on the south facade as much as possible, photovoltaic panels are integrated into the facade on this side.

Acoustic panels: In order to improve the quality of stay in the street space in Wilhelm-Greil- and Gilmstraße with regard to the very busy underground car park entrance and exit to and from Sparkassenplatz, sound absorption elements are to be integrated into the facade on the street-side facades.


Green Space

A visible contribution against the overheating of the urban space, as well as an improvement of the indoor climate in the office space is to be achieved by the integration of green areas in the outside as well as inside.

At the same time, social interaction is to be promoted through green islands in the rest and focus zones, the roof terrace on the Stöckel building and in the garden of the inner courtyard.

The greened outdoor areas, especially the roof terrace of the high-rise building, as well as the green area in the inner courtyard, should not only provide a view and relaxation, but should also be usable as an outdoor workspace.

The facade of the stacked building and part of the south facade of the main building will be supplemented with vertical greenery to help prevent overheating in the southern part of the building.

The top roof areas are extensively greened, all others intensively.

Inside, too, a vertical green space will be created that connects the floors with each other and has an effect for the company that is also visible in the street space of Wilhelm-Greil-Straße and takes its corporate identity into account. Plant islands in the open areas between departments create relaxing retreats.



Project Start-End: 
2020/02 - 2020/06
Competition (invitation)

Entwurfsteam: Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Simon Beneditk, Simone Brandstätter, Paul Böhm, Tobias Dorsch, Ufuk Sagir


Building Engineering: Transsolar Klimaengineering

Structural Engineering: ZSZ Ingenieure

Fire Protection: IHW Ingenieurbüro Huber GMBH