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With the new LEW area, the city of Neu-Ulm intends to build an ambitious building complex that combines the functions of a city library, public space, gastronomy with living and working. Our design tries to negotiate both public and private interests and to do justice to it through a differentiated and characteristic architecture.


Public Exterior- and Interiorspace

The intended mix of uses clearly illustrates the public claim of the project. Accordingly, the positioning of the new city library, the quality and conciseness of the public space, as well as the location of the gastronomy play a central role in the conception of the design.

A characteristic element is the extension of Heiner-Metzger-Platz in the form of a topographically shaped square, which leads over the premises of the city library and connects the square with Maximilianstrasse.
This measure is intended, on the one hand, to underline the independent architectural expression and, on the other hand, to enhance the urban space for the surrounding area.
On this new level of space, the entrance floor of the residential and office buildings, there is also the children's library, areas for restaurants with outdoor dining areas and studios.


Urban Spatial Structure

The cubature of the office and residential use is distributed over four buildings with slightly different cubic shapes. Due to their self-similarities, they should form a homogeneous, yet differentiated ensemble. This strategy is also applied to the facade design, which follows a design line that allows for variations. The address of the residential and office buildings is on the upper level of the square, which means that they remain visible to city users, but there is a clear separation between private and public uses.

The building size and height correspond to the central location and the public importance of the new building complex, which will perform a social task as an integrative place for all social classes and as a low-threshold educational institution..


The new City Library Ulm

With the new building of the city library in the base zone, an important public institution is positioned at Heiner-Metzger-Platz, which is being expanded with the new building. The concept of the new Ulm City Library sees the library as a public space, as a place of learning and meeting. Accordingly, the space flows smoothly into the lounge areas of the library and connects the adjoining outdoor spaces with one another. The library interior is organized in such a way that the needs of the various user groups are taken into account and creates separate areas adapted to the noise level.


Energy- and Climate Concept

The aim is to optimize visual and thermal comfort while reducing the primary energy requirement at the same time. A minimized primary energy standard is achieved through a combination of sustainable raw materials, appropriate insulation standards, and thus a robust construction and maximum regenerative energy generation. To reduce investment and operating costs, the aim is to minimize building technology and maximize passive use.

  • Optimization of thermal and visual comfort
  • Transparent surfaces consist of triple thermal insulation glass with maximum light transparency and efficient, movable sun protection
  • Use of natural resources
  • Minimization of the necessary equipment
  • Substitution of fossil fuels with renewable energies



The facade is designed to be open and mediating towards the urban space. The element facade varies on the one hand with closed elements, on the other hand with translucent glass elements that guarantee work in a light-flooded environment at every workplace.
The apartments are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows and loggias.
All roof areas will be executed as green areas.
Project Start-End: 
2020/08 - 2021/02
Competition (invitation)

Kathrin Aste, Frank Ludin, Daniel Luckeneder, Simon Benedikt, Luis Navarro, Julian Fahrenkamp, Oliver Hamedinger, Catalina Tripolt, Tobias Dorsch